Mile Adamovic
tel/fax 012/679-185

Cara Dusana 53
12333 Golubac
Serbija & Montenegro

“Adam comerc”; d.o.o was established in 1993. with headquarters in Snegotinu, Golubac.

We are registered for distribution and sales, mostly of oil derivates on our fuel station “Adam Petrol” which is in Golubac.

CEO and owner of ADAM COMERC company is MILE ADAMOVIC.






Fuel station “Adam petrol” is located on a very frequent road - on Djerdapska main road, 130 km east from Belgrade, 49 km from Pozarevac, 18 km from Veliko Gradiste, down to the river Dunav 60 km from Donji Milanovac, 110 km from Kladovovo and HE “Djerdap”. More precisely, we are located at the place where river Dunav goes in Djerdapska klisura and where Dunav goes from meridian direction to vertical direction (238m). We are located at the place where river Dunav is widest, where was the Roman city Kupe which was important antique fortification on river Dunav. Just 4km away from our fuel station is Middle East Castle of Golubac, built in 1335. Year.

Monastery Trumane, from XIV century is 4km away. Weekend esablishment Vinci and Silver Lake is also nearby our fuel station.

Fuel Station is only 10 m. from river Dunav, by the edge of Marine in which comes smaller ships and yachts that refuel at our fuel station.



We are working non-stop, 7 days in a week.

Fuel station has very quality oil derivates: MB 95, BMB 95, Dizel D2, and in the winter time we have also Evro dizel.

1 liter of fuel at our station is = 1000cm3.


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