Mile Adamovic
tel/fax 012/679-185

Cara Dusana 53
12333 Golubac
Serbija & Montenegro

Fuel station “Adam petrol” which is part of d.o.o. “Adam comerc” with headquarters at Snegotinu, Golubac was built in 1994./95., and it was opened on 1. november 1996. year.





Caffe bar L&I was opened in 1997. year as part of fuel station , which has great assortment of soft, cold and warm refreshment drinks, alcohol and other drinks and refreshments.



Car washing facilities was built in 2002. year as part of fuel station which offers spotless washing and cleaning, chemical cleaning and car polichings, as well as free oil change.



By the end of october 2003. year we will open facilities for technical examination of cars as part of fuel station complex.

Whole complex of fuel station is served by 12 workers.


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